McDonalds at Brookefields

Finally, we have Mc Donalds in our neighborhood. The new Mc Donalds started couple of days back in the new Vijayalakshmi Square Complex, just next to KHT Motors. Compared to other outlets, this is quite big, and can be labelled as one of the biggest McDonalds in Bangalore.

Last visit, I found the place to be crowded. You can find people standing in long queues even during evenings. Wondering what we all were eating before McDonalds at other outlets came to Bangalore.

I like their takeaway counter. It is located outside the restaurant, and saves you the trouble to stand in the queue. And the service is pretty fast.

Now waiting for KFC to be started closeby to Brookefields. Rumors are that they will be starting one soon in Hypercity, so lets wait and watch.

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