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Movie Review: Monsters University

I was a bit disappointed with this movie. Maybe my expectations were very high after watching Monsters Inc so often. Monsters Inc was a classic launched in 2001, which was, and is still one of the best movies from Pixar. Monsters University is a prequel to Monsters Inc, and the story ends where Monsters Inc starts with.

The story is about a young Mike Wazowski, who during a field trip, gets inspired by the professional scarers and a top scarer encourages Mike to join his university – the Monster University. The story shifts to later years, where Mike joins the university and meets Sully, and they start with a major rift between each other and end up as the best friends. The story revolves on how a team on unknown monsters join together to win the Greek Scare Games, which gives them a chance to join back the University program, from which they were terminated.

Not a very great movie, but worth watching. With so many 3D movies, it will be a good idea to watch this in 2D for a change. Keep your expectations low, and you will enjoy the movie.

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Curry and Dosas, Ascendas Mall, ITPL

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Ascendas Mall at ITPL Bangalore was opened recently, and was curious to visit this mall. They have good shops and more popular brands are opening their stores soon. Accessibility to the mall is easy and they have a good parking lot.

Curry and Dosas is a restaurant located in the 3rd Floor of the mall. What  I could get from their menu is that they serve affordable dosas and different curries. That’s the only information I can get, as we were not allowed to enter the restaurant – the reason – it is closed. And the time was 9pm on a weekend.

What was more surprising is the attitude of the person who introduced himself as the owner of the place. He was so rude, and was so arrogant in his way of handling customers. He was so rude in telling us that it is his decision to close the restaurant when he wants, and no one has any rights to ask him.

If you are opening a  restaurant in a new mall, you should be prepared to handle crowds on a weekend. It is obvious that there will be lot of visitors to any new mall which is opening. This kind of attitude is going to leave a very negative feedback. With the kind of argument I had with the owner, I am sure I am not going to visit Curry and Dosa and would advise anyone visiting Curry and Dosa to be prepared for such rude behavior.

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Bryan Adams show in Bangalore

Music Review

Atlast, it happened. The great event we were all waiting for in February. No words to describe the experience.

The crowd was great, and we were there at 3pm. Had to wait in the long queue for nearly 2 hours, before we were let in. Luckily managed to be in the front row. The show started at 7pm with the opening gig performed by Shaimak Davar and his group. Not great, but it was fun.

Bryan Adams entered the stage at around 7:40pm and he performed non-stop for 2 hours, belting out one hit off another. Pure magic.  “There Will Never Be Another Tonight” was the opening one, and true to the lyrics of his song, I am sure there won’t be another event like this in Bangalore for a long time.

Can’t Stop This Thing We Started, (Everything I Do) I Do It For You, 18 Till I Die, There’s Nowhere Else on Earth I’d Rather Be,  Please Forgive Me – you name his hits, all were there. He made sure that the crowd grooved to his music and his guitar.

True to his image, he made sure that his team deserved all the credits. Accompanying him were drummer Mickey Curry, guitarist Keith Scott, keyboard player Gary Breit and bassist Norm Fisher. His special tribute to Keith Scott was outstanding.

Still feels like a dream. Hope this lasts forever.

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Lunch at MTR, Forum Value Mall


We decided to try the famous South Indian Lunch at MTR. The visit was in the list of to-visit-restaurants for a long time, finally it happened on 15th Jan. We reached there by 12:30, which I thought was a bit early for lunch, but on a hind sight, it was the right time, as the restaurant, located in the 1st floor of Forum Value Mall, Whitefield was getting a bit crowded by 1:00pm.

We preferred to sit inside. They do have tables laid out in the terrace. Only South Indian lunch was available, and we have to procure coupon from the cashier. Cost on weekends is Rs. 200/- for adults, and Rs. 100/- for kids. It is Rs. 180/- on weekdays, and on further enquiry, found that on weekends, there are 4 extra dishes.

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Yes, I watched MLTR live

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Atlast, my dream came true. And that too sitting in the front row, watched them perform non-stop for nearly an hour. All their best hits – Sleeping Child, Actor, Wild Women, Somewhere, Take me to your heart – all of them within an hour and that too live, was too much!!!

The opening gig was by a Mumbai group called “The Other People” – really great. They performed all the hits and played to the audience. It was really memorable.

Even though the show started 30 minutes behind schedule, and we did have to wait for a long time to get in, it was all worth it. And it was worth buying the Rs. 1000/- ticket, as we got to watch it from close.  Even though the crowd was not that huge, it was really a supportive crowd. Surprised that many of them know the lyrics of each of their song. And never knew that Bangalore had such a huge fan following for MLTR.

Come back soon MLTR !!!

MLTR Live at Bangalore

Jascha - lead singer, keyboards
Jascha – lead singer, keyboards

Mikkel - lead Guitarist

Mikkel – lead Guitarist

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Pai Electronics – Outer Ring Road

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Recently I had to purchase a Sony Camera and was doing some window shopping at some of the electronics stores at Outer Ring Road, Bangalore. I saw some ads in the newspaper about some offers at Pai Electronics, so thought will visit them and see the offers.

They do have good offers and good discounts on many products, but I couldn’t find the Camera I was looking for. I wanted to inquire about the  latest LED TV from LG. It was on display, but the saddest part was that there was no salesman around to provide me with details. I was not alone, I could see many more customers just looking around for a salesman.
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