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Dinner at Silver Metro Restaurant


My cousins had visited this place in Madivala and were really impressed with the food and ambience there and had praised the restaurant so much that I was waiting desperately to visit this place. And to my surprise, my cousins took us all for dinner there last week. True to their words, the place is really good.

To begin with – we took their dinner buffet. It costs around Rs. 350/- on a weekday night. The range of food was too much. Starting with soups, range of salads , we moved on to the starters. I really enjoyed the Tandoori Fish fry and the Chicken fry. There was so much variety, that I really got confused on what to taste. I ended up with some rotis, Rara Mutton curry and Hyderabadi Dum Biryani. Did try a bit of pasta and also their noodles. And to wind up, tried a bit of pasteries and fresh fruits. Altogether, really good.

Ambience – The place is designed as a metro train. Atleast, this gives us Bangaloreans a feel of what life is going to be once Metro comes to Bangalore. Luckily, we  got a place to sit inside the Metro section. It was bit crowded, as we were there right at the peak dinner time. Kids enjoyed the feel of sitting inside a metro train and having dinner.

Surprise was that when we came out, there was the lovely kulfi counter. Couldn’t resist, and ended up having a Kulfi.

I really wished I had taken my camera to take some snaps, but managed to get one picture of it from the net to post it on this site. Now we are planning to visit again, maybe next week, and wanted to dry their dinner buffet with unlimited beer. I guess the price is around Rs. 500/- (Not sure).

Silver metro is located at 3rd floor of Total Mall at Madivala, Bangalore.

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Vinnathandi Varuvaaya – A.R.Rehman’s first album of 2010

Music Review

The first album for 2010 from the master, 7 melodious songs. This album is sure to rule the music charts for atleast the first quarter of 2010.

  1. Hosanna – a slow track by Vijay Prakash, Suzanne D’Mello & Blaaze. Vijay Prakash sounds more like Hariharan. The track starts slowly, then picks up later. One of my favorites. Blaaze picks up after 2 minutes of the track, and his style changes the whole track.
  2. Kannukal Kannai – sung by Naresh Iyer. Seems like have heard this tune in some other track, but not sure.
  3. Manipaaya – my favorite track. Sung by Shreya Ghoshal and A.R.Rahman, this falls into the category of the “best track of the album”, which bears A.R. Rahman signature in all his previous albums
  4. Omana Peena – Benny Dayal and Kalyani Menon. A surprise track, with lots of Malayalam lyrics, you will love this.
  5. Vinnathandi Varuvaaya – Title album by Karthik. A very slow track, less instruments.
  6. Aaromale – Even rated by A.R.Rahman as one of the best tracks. Sung by Alphons Joseph, this is a lovely one. You will love it for the lyrics.
  7. Anbil Avan – Sung by Devan Ekambaram & Chinmayi. Nothing special about this song, just an ordinary one.
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Movie Review – 3 Idiots


Ok, atlast went for the movie after 2 weeks of its release. Agreed, it was one of the biggest sin – should have gone to it as soon as it was released – that was the hype created for the movie. It is a good movie (fine – very good movie), but I don’t know why so much of interest is shown in the movie. My thoughts on it are:

  1. The movie gives a very powerful message – just pursue excellence, and never try to be successful – is it  practical in day-to-day life, where success is more recognised?
  2. Life is beautiful – enjoy life. Have the freedom to do what you like to do, rather than what you are made to do.
  3. Learning is a continous process – never stop learning.Books and teachers can teach you something, but there is much more than books.
  4. Handle pressure with courage – not to jump out of the window if put in a difficult situation, or hang yourself.
  5. Seek Excellence and success will follow

All these are really good points to learn. But what about other facts shown in the movie –

  1. Getting good marks doesn’t make you a fool. Chatur is in deed successful in his ambition, and achieved what he wanted in his life. He is not a failure
  2. Raju is an utter failure – he cannot decide on his own, but he is shown as very successful in his career.
  3. Disrespecting teachers – all these centuries, we have learnt from our ancestors that teachers are like God, and are equivalent to God. The movie shows the students pissing in front of teachers house. Come on – this is the height.
  4. Delivery in a tech college lab – real adventure. Can we believe it?
  5. Poverty is not a sin – the movie makes complete mockery of poverty

Some faux pass in the movie:

  • The professor calls his daughter as Poonam in one scene, and in the end her name is referred to as Mona
  • 400 patents in ten years – Funskuk Wangdo should be a real genius to have 400 patents in his name in a ten years. 40 would have been better.
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