Lunch at MTR, Forum Value Mall



We decided to try the famous South Indian Lunch at MTR. The visit was in the list of to-visit-restaurants for a long time, finally it happened on 15th Jan. We reached there by 12:30, which I thought was a bit early for lunch, but on a hind sight, it was the right time, as the restaurant, located in the 1st floor of Forum Value Mall, Whitefield was getting a bit crowded by 1:00pm.

We preferred to sit inside. They do have tables laid out in the terrace. Only South Indian lunch was available, and we have to procure coupon from the cashier. Cost on weekends is Rs. 200/- for adults, and Rs. 100/- for kids. It is Rs. 180/- on weekdays, and on further enquiry, found that on weekends, there are 4 extra dishes.

Service was prompt, and the lunch started with Kosambri Salad, Cabbage fry, pickles and chutney. Was wondering why they were providing Chutney with lunch, but before I could find an answer, the waiter came with hot masala dosa – typical MTR style. You can savor as many as you want, as the food provided is unlimited. While I was completely engrossed with the Dosa, came other stuff – most interesting was the vada and Kesari Bath. Loved the Kesari Bath, that I took 3 helpings.

Typical Kannadiga style Bisi-Bele Bath followed the dosas, with Raitha. Then it was followed by White Rice and Sambhar. Pappads and Payasam was also served with the food, along with a sweet. Sambhar was followed by Mysore Rasam and then curds and rice, where I had to say to myself “Stop”, else it would have been difficult for me to walk around.

Ice creams and beeda followed at the end. Overall, a very satisfying experience. And plan to visit again later with other family members.

Environment: Excellent

Parking: Ample Space

Price: Rs. 200/-

Service: Excellent

Food Quality: Excellent

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