Movie Review: Monsters University



I was a bit disappointed with this movie. Maybe my expectations were very high after watching Monsters Inc so often. Monsters Inc was a classic launched in 2001, which was, and is still one of the best movies from Pixar. Monsters University is a prequel to Monsters Inc, and the story ends where Monsters Inc starts with.

The story is about a young Mike Wazowski, who during a field trip, gets inspired by the professional scarers and a top scarer encourages Mike to join his university – the Monster University. The story shifts to later years, where Mike joins the university and meets Sully, and they start with a major rift between each other and end up as the best friends. The story revolves on how a team on unknown monsters join together to win the Greek Scare Games, which gives them a chance to join back the University program, from which they were terminated.

Not a very great movie, but worth watching. With so many 3D movies, it will be a good idea to watch this in 2D for a change. Keep your expectations low, and you will enjoy the movie.

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