• Marathahalli to get a new RTO

    As per the latest finance budget presented on 12th July 2013, Marathahalli is all set to a new RTO. Good news for all residents in Marathahalli as right now they had to either go to Indiranagar RTO or to K.R.Puram RTO. And also real good news for all the touts – they just got another new branch.

    Watch out for this post for more details on the location and other details.


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  • Movie Review: Monsters University

    I was a bit disappointed with this movie. Maybe my expectations were very high after watching Monsters Inc so often. Monsters Inc was a classic launched in 2001, which was, and is still one of the best movies from Pixar. Monsters University is a prequel to Monsters Inc, and the story ends where Monsters Inc starts with.

    The story is about a young Mike Wazowski, who during a field trip, gets inspired by the professional scarers and a top scarer encourages Mike to join his university – the Monster University. The story shifts to later years, where Mike joins the university and meets Sully, and they start with a major rift between each other and end up as the best friends. The story revolves on how a team on unknown monsters join together to win the Greek Scare Games, which gives them a chance to join back the University program, from which they were terminated.

    Not a very great movie, but worth watching. With so many 3D movies, it will be a good idea to watch this in 2D for a change. Keep your expectations low, and you will enjoy the movie.

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  • Random Musings

    Beware of extra charges for 3D movies at Q-Cinemas


    Watching a 3D movie at Q-Cinemas can make you poorer by Rs. 30/-  ;). This is the charge not specified in the tickets, but they charge service charge for providing you with 3D glasses, and also take an advance amount of Rs. 100/- for the glasses.  What misleads this is that the charge is not advertised in their campaigns, where the charges are Rs. 130/- to Rs. 180/-, but in reality, it is more by Rs. 30/-.

    So be prepared for it when you are watching a 3D movie at Q-Cinemas the next time.

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  • Random Musings

    Jet Airways Cash on Delivery Tickets – Cancellation nightmare

    jetairwaysRecently had to book tickets to Mumbai, and found Jet Airways having convenient flights. And since I had a credit limit on my card, I opted for the cash on delivery option, which I guess, is something Jet Airways had introduced off late.

    Booking was very fast, got a message saying that tickets will only be confirmed once the amount is paid. No issues with that. Got a call from Ghar Pay,and they confirmed my address, and their person arrived at my doorstep within hours of booking the ticket. Pretty impressive service. They collect the money and give you the receipt and tickets.

    And now the nightmare started. I had to cancel the ticket. So, as usual, logged to the website to cancel the tickets, and I find that Cash on Delivery tickets cannot be cancelled from the website. Left me stumped – how can you book from the website, but cannot cancel from the website.

    Called their hotline number, waited on line for more than 45 minutes, before I was answered by the agent. His explanation was simple – since you had paid by cash, they can only return back in cash. Fair enough. So how do I get my cash now – again questions – where are you from, which date, etc… and the final answer – You have to go the airport counter and collect the tickets. I was shocked. I had to travel all the way to the airport 50 kms away to get my money, argued with the agent, saying that there might be something wrong. Please check any other way – going to their city office in Unity Building, etc…

    He was so adamant and said that is the only way to cancel. And it was 9:45 PM and the flight was next day morning at 6:00 AM. He said he will cancel the tickets and I will get the money tomorrow itself.

    So took the morning bus to airport, reached the counter, gave my PNR number, and they promptly gave my money back, with a smile. What shocked me was their courtesy – Sir, why do you have to come all the way from your place, you could have gone to our City office?

    If anyone is planning to come tickets on Cash on Delivery, and have to cancel it, please go to their City Office at Unity Building. Don’t listen to their call center agents. They don’t have much information on how their booking and cancellation works.

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  • Random Musings

    Easy Day opening at AECS Layout

    Good news to residents of AECS Layout. Easy Day, the super market from Bharati Retail and Walmart is all set to open in AECS Layout. The proposed store has been set with complete inventory and is located in the main road, next to Ragam Super Market. Tough competition for other retailers like Ragam, MK, Sansar, More etc….

    About Easy Day:

    The Easy Day stores are intended to be the most trusted neighborhood stores and to cater primarily to the daily and weekly Food and Grocery needs of our customers. The assortment also includes personal care products, stationery, household articles and dairy and meat products. With more than 600 stores across India, Easy Day is one of the leading retail stores.

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