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Recently I had to purchase a Sony Camera and was doing some window shopping at some of the electronics stores at Outer Ring Road, Bangalore. I saw some ads in the newspaper about some offers at Pai Electronics, so thought will visit them and see the offers.

They do have good offers and good discounts on many products, but I couldn’t find the Camera I was looking for. I wanted to inquire about the  latest LED TV from LG. It was on display, but the saddest part was that there was no salesman around to provide me with details. I was not alone, I could see many more customers just looking around for a salesman.

Finally, I had to walk out of the place without getting any information. My wife had to pickup some kitchen utilities. It was a small purchase, and I had to wait for almost 15 minutes near the cash counter to pay the bill, even though there were two persons at the cash counter. Very slow service.

To top it all, the behaviour of the lady at the cash counter was just enough for me to loose my patience. She didn’t have proper change, and she was telling the salesman to make sure that next time the customer has got the right change before coming to the cash counter. I couldn’t believe this,  such a big shop, and they don’t have the basic manners to handle a prospective customer.

I hope this will be my last visit to Pai Electronics. They should know that competition is intense in Consumer Electronics, and each customer counts. I hope many of you would have undergone such a service.

My rating – very poor service, good range of products but no one to provide you with information.

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