Trip to Kollur Mookambika

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After a long break, got a chance for a long drive. This time it was to Kollur Mookambika temple in Udupi district of Karnataka to attend my cousin’s wedding. We left Bangalore early morning at 5:00am so as to avoid the traffic in Tumkur Road. We reached Tumkur road at 5:45am and was surprised at the rush near Neelamangala and Peenya junctions.

We took the Tumkur – Gubbi – Arasikere – Shimoga – Bhadravathi – Teerthahalli  -Nagar – Kollur route, and it was around 460 kms. The travelling time was 7 hours.

Mookambika temple is an ancient temple located at Kollur in Karnataka.  It is the only temple that is dedicated to goddess Parvathi and believed to be created by Parashurama. It is said goddess Parvathi killed the Kamsasuran who lived here and who attempted to become all powerful through his penance. Devi along with the help of Veerabadra, Ganapathi and Shiva initially made him dumb and he came to be called Mookasuran, mooka means to be dumb. Later the goddess killed him with her Chakra on the midnight of Shukla Astami. From then on Devi came to be called as Kollur Devi Mookambika. Then her divine energy became one with the lingam worshipped by Kola Maharishi. At the Sri Mookambika temple the Lingam is the main deity and is known as Jyothirlingam. Devi Mookambika has three eyes and four arms, with the divine disc and conch in her hands.

One of the highlights was the Saalam Mangalarthi performed at 7:30pm every day. History says that this pooja is dedicated to Tipu Sultan. Tipu Sultan had come to Kolur to destroy the temple with his army. But when he saw the pooja and the diety, he was mesmerised by it and returned without harming the temple.

There are not much decent accommodations or hotels there.  We managed to get a decent hotel with A/C facility. And since it was only for a single night, we made ourselves comfortable with whatever was available.

We  took a different route for our return journey. We avoided Teerthahalli ( and missed the beautiful view of Bhadra Sanctuary) and come through Kollur – Nagar – Hosanagar – Bhadravathi – Shimoga – Arasikere – Tumkur. Since it was 5pm when we reached Tumkur, we thought we will avoid the outer ring road and Neelamangala traffic, and took a deviation from Tumkur highway to Devanahalli. It was an extra 40kms, but the road was completely empty. From Devenahalli (NH7), we took the SH towards Hoskote, and was back at home by 7pm. The return journey was around 480 kms.


  1. Rajesh


    Looked at your travelogue. I am also planning a trip
    to kollur.

    Is the Thirthahalli route – roads good ?

    How would you compare this with the hosanagara route
    rooad conditions ?


  2. santhosh Post author

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    I prefer to take the Hosanagar route as it is shorter. Thirthahalli is a longer one, and not in such a good conditions compared to Hosanagar. But if you want a good view of Bhadra Sanctuary take the Thirtahalli route.



  4. santhosh Post author

    Beena residency is the preferred hotel. The rent is around 500-800 Rs for a decent room. The telephone number is 08254 – 258258. It is close to the temple, and the food here is quite good, even though it is limited in variety.

  5. santhosh Post author

    October is the most crowded season, especially during the Vijaya Dashimi time, as this place is considered too sacred for the Vidya-arambh function. Better book now itself.

    Regarding trains – I think the best bet is to take the train which goes to Mangalore, and get down either at Mangalore or at Kundapur. You can take a cab or private bus from Mangalore/Kundapur to Kollur.

  6. santhosh Post author

    You can try to visit Udupi temple. Or can opt for a stay near Bhadra sanctuary. A trip to Mangalore can also be planned along with this. On the way back, you can try Huligal in Shimoga. Heard it is a good place, plan to visit soon.

  7. Nidhin

    I do not understand why Tipu should have wanted to destroy the Kollur temple when he was liberally giving grants to the Sringeri Peetha and umpteen temples just next door. I think that he would have asked the temple to do a pooja in his name defraying the expenses and this tradition was later hagiographed into Tipu coming with an intention to destroy the temple. If he wanted to destroy the temple he would have just destroyed it, period, not waited to see the pooja and the deity. My line of thought. We see this tradition of ‘Tipu coming to destroy’ in many temples because it was often hard for temple priests to justify to their orthodox devotees a puja paid for and done by a muslim and so they would twist the tale so that Tipu also got the pooja and the devotees sensibilities were also not hurt. Other than some temples destroyed in Kerala by Tipu’s Mysorean horde(60% of his infantry was hindu and reverse for cavalry) in the confusion of war,I still have to meet with a any temple in karnataka demolished by his men.

  8. Devakumar

    Hi Santhosh,

    I am planning to visit Kollur on 21st April,I am planning to take Tumkur,Gubbi,Arasikere,Shimoga,Bhadravathi,Teerthahalli,Naga,Kollur. can you plz suggest how the road condition.Is there good family restraunt in this roue

  9. santhosh Post author

    I too am of the belief that Tipu would have come to destroy the temple. Tipu Sultan is known for his devotion and respect for all religions – a fact that has been proved in so many cases. It is said that Tipu used to visit the Sri Ranganatha Swamy temple in Srirangapatna everyday morning after a bath in Kaveri River which flows next to it. This can be a tale, rightly as pointed by you.

    In fact, many of the Muslim rulers in South India were great rulers who respected the Hindu Community and have given due representation to them, unlike the North Indian Muslim rulers.

  10. santhosh Post author

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    This route is pretty good till Bhadravathi. The road was pretty bad from Bhadravathi till Naga. I feel this is one of the best routes to take to Kollur.

    Hotels – I found good ones in Shimoga, or in Arasikere. Didn’t find anything good after Bhadravathi, except for a small hotel near Naga, which serves some good home made South Indian Idli’s and vada. So, if you miss Bhadravathi, the next best place is Kollur.

  11. Siva

    I am going to Kollur tomorrow 14-May by drive. Still confused about the route. I got the below routes from site. Please tell me whether these two are the same or not ? Which one is better?
    1.Bangalore –Tumkur- Shimoga- Ayanur – Ripponpet -Hosanagara-Nagara-Nittur-Nagodi-Kollur.



  12. santhosh Post author

    @Siva – Thanks for visiting my blog. I feel Option 1 is better and the roads are bit better. Anyhow, I had gone in this route a year back, and cannot tell you the conditions now.

    Have a safe journey and write back your experiences.

  13. mehfooz

    hi… i am from udupi and me and ma friends are planning to go to arishinagudi waterfalls. can you pls suggest the way to the falls without entering the kodachadri.

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