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Atlast, my dream came true. And that too sitting in the front row, watched them perform non-stop for nearly an hour. All their best hits – Sleeping Child, Actor, Wild Women, Somewhere, Take me to your heart – all of them within an hour and that too live, was too much!!!

The opening gig was by a Mumbai group called “The Other People” – really great. They performed all the hits and played to the audience. It was really memorable.

Even though the show started 30 minutes behind schedule, and we did have to wait for a long time to get in, it was all worth it. And it was worth buying the Rs. 1000/- ticket, as we got to watch it from close.  Even though the crowd was not that huge, it was really a supportive crowd. Surprised that many of them know the lyrics of each of their song. And never knew that Bangalore had such a huge fan following for MLTR.

Come back soon MLTR !!!

MLTR Live at Bangalore

Jascha - lead singer, keyboards
Jascha – lead singer, keyboards

Mikkel - lead Guitarist

Mikkel – lead Guitarist

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